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Exploratory Endodontic Services in Menlo Park

Dr. Richard Durando has always felt the exploratory process in dentistry was under-utilized. Gaining a complete understanding of the reasons tooth pain exists not only allows a dentist to provide comprehensive care, it helps in the patient education process.

At Menlo Park Dental Care, we take a highly-detailed approach to endodontic care for our patients in Menlo Park, San Mateo, Palo Alto, and the surrounding communities. If you are experiencing sensitivity from advanced decay or an untreated infection, call and schedule an appointment with one of our dedicated team members today. 

The Importance of the Exploratory Process

Complete decay removal is a challenging process. Our practice performs exploratory endodontic services in order to thoroughly eradicate disease from the inner chambers of teeth. Our unique approach doesn’t automatically result in root canal therapy, as our overall goal is to find the most effective treatment that will improve your oral health and save as much of your tooth structure as possible.


Root Canal Therapy

Dr. Durando has extensive experience performing root canal therapy to alleviate the discomfort caused by decay or infection reaching the inner portion of a tooth. While he provides this treatment in-office frequently, he doesn’t insist to do it himself. Some patients benefit from seeing an endodontist for the procedure, and our office can refer you to one of our trusted local specialists.

This endodontic treatment becomes necessary when the dental pulp in the soft core of the tooth becomes diseased. This results in infection and necessitates extraction if not treated in a timely manner. Root canal therapy offers patients a way to eliminate decay, restore healthy function, and save the tooth from being removed.

Patients with a deep filling done years ago may benefit from root canal therapy as well. Often times, if all traces of decay weren’t removed during initial treatment, symptoms can reemerge, weakening the structure and leaving you susceptible to cracking or fracturing the tooth.

The Treatment Process 

We apply a local anesthetic to ensure you feel no discomfort throughout the procedure. With our computer-aided injection system, patients barely notice when we administer the numbing agent. Once you are ready for treatment, we create a small opening in the enamel so we can access the canals. With small files, we clear away all traces of diseased and infected pulp and cleanse the canals with an antimicrobial solution to neutralize remaining bacteria and prevent the infection from spreading.

We fill the canals with gutta percha material and seal the tooth with a temporary filling. The process is completed by affixing a custom-crafted crown over the treated tooth to restore function and aesthetics.

Additional Endodontic Procedures

Our practice also offers pulp capping to ensure dental pulp doesn’t become necrotic after being exposed during caries removal. By protecting the pulp with a sedative dressing, it may prevent the need for root canal therapy or extraction.

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Dr. Durando believes as patients get older, their teeth experience the “Humpty-dumpty” effect, meaning they are easy to break. At Menlo Park Dental Care, we educate patients and offer quality endodontic procedures so you can maintain a healthy natural smile.  If you live or work in Menlo Park or neighboring cities, contact us today to set up an appointment.


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